That's The Idea, Man!

That's The Idea, Man!


A documentary-style comedy that follows one of the most prolific inventors of our time and his latest attempt at creating the ultimate exercise machine.

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 Director Matthew Yaich
Producer Janell Boone
Add'nl Sound Mixer Mark Wilkin
Assistant Camera Elle Regan
 Character Name
Gary Chris Hasenauer
Interviewer Sean Mansfield
Mary Lauren MacDonough
Tom Vincenzo McNeil
Gary's Mom Mary Ann Reisdorf
Rob Vossler Todd Gursslin
Vance Lockbarrel Andy Rich
Patsy Danielle Smith
Gary's Principal Cindy Marie
Shop Teacher Aaron Krygier
Waitress Victoria Elia
Customer Kevin Williams
Street Poet Jo Odonnell
Woman in Park Kandy Pierce
Man in Park Nicholas Pierce
Cell Phone Girl Francisca DaSilveira
Vape Guy Ben
Funeral Goer Max Hasenauer
Funeral Goer #2 Maren Goldstein
Funeral Goer #3 Amir
Funeral Goer #4 Isabelle Bonni
Contraption Con Fan Douglas Bennett
Contraption Con Fan #2 Alexander Lammers
Contraption Con Fan #3 John Telaak
Contraption Con Fan #4 Susan Acker
Walk-A-Round User Bruce Gonka
Saltch Watch David Autovino



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